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The Light of Lights by krysdecker

Lets start with the background. I like the idea of using the cave. Most would think that there isn't any water, but I think I see waterfalls towards the upper right corner, which suggest proximity to a water source. In addition, the entire cave has a texture that suggests moisture. Next, the structures. They do indeed resemble those built by the elves. In fact, one could draw the conclusion that this was once a station where elves have studied, abandoned, and later inhabited by nagas. Finally, we move on to the center piece, Queen Azshara herself. And what a sight to behold. The incredible detail of the snake scales and her crown; The amazing shading; Not to forget the alluring way she is positioned on what, in the terms of the naga, would be her throne. And the near-lack of clothing makes the viewers wonder what would happen if she didn't kill every intruder to her realm. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
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